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With a strong passion and reference to 18th century watchmaking, the golden age of time measurement, François-Paul Journe studied and explored all aspects of antique watchmaking, dedicating himself to the restoration of unique historical pieces, to then give shape to luxury watches that are the result of many hours of research. Discover all the models available. SHOP ONLINE

F.P. Journe polishing

Entrust the polishing of your F.P. Journe to the experience of our master watchmakers: we will use the most suitable brushes to polish in a precise and delicate way, we will remove even the smallest irregularities, restoring the original brilliance and splendor to your F.P. Journe.

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Repair and Overhaul F.P. Journe

The lifespan of a F.P. Journe is unlimited, as long as it is given the right care and maintenance. For your precious F.P Journe watch we provide the correct assistance for any type of problem, analyzing the malfunction of your watch in our laboratory and, if necessary, sending it to the manufactury for an accurate assessment of the damage.

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Come and visit us in our Monte Carlo Boutique or send us your F.P. Journe watch: we will be able to assess its current value on the luxury watch market.

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