Technical assistance, polishing, overhaul and repair

We guarantee a detailed and in-depth research service on the luxury watch market, to satisfy every type of request. We ensure high-level technical assistance and carry out repairs by collaborating with the best certified laboratories.

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Polishing and overhaul

Polishing is a very important action, which allows you to remove any signs of wear and small imperfections that form following daily use; Although it may seem like a simple operation, polishing awatch is a delicate process that requires a lot of attention: our watchmakers will use the right brushes to polish in a precise and delicate way, so as to remove even the smallest irregularities.

As the polishing also the overhaul is an important service that, after some time, is necessary, both for automatic and manual winding watches, in order to keep every mechanical part of the timepiece always well lubricated and in order; the gears are lubricated with oils of different density and workmanship that inexorably age and oxidize.

The overhaul is divided into 5 macro phases: disassemblywashingrepair and or replacement of worn/damaged parts, such as gaskets, assembly and the last phase, which is also very important, which is control.
Relying on the expert hands of our laboratory we can offer you a complete service

Servizi CCWatches

Evaluations and expertise

An Expertise is a fundamental action for those who own a luxury watch, as it allows you to obtain and archive all the necessary documentation for any commercial estimates, inheritances, insurance, succession and bank credits. Taking advantage of our decades of experience in the sector and collaboration with the most qualified European experts, we take professional photographs of your precious accessory and accompany them with a complete description of all the parts that make it up and its current value on the market. For more information contact us.

Servizi CCWatches


Each watch is analyzed to verify its authenticity and quality, offering a 2-year guarantee on its correct functioning.

Servizi CCWatches


We ship worldwide with express and insured service. We use couriers specialized in the transport of precious goods for our most important watches.

Fast and insured delivery world wide

We ship with express service, guaranteeing delivery in 24 / 72h.



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Revisione e lucidatura

La lucidatura è un’azione molto importante, che consente di rimuovere eventuali segni di usura e piccole imperfezioni che si formano in seguito all'utilizzo quotidiano.

Stime e perizie

Azioni fondamentali per chi possiede un orologio di lusso, in quanto permette di ottenere e archiviare tutta la documentazione necessaria a scopo commerciale, ereditario e assicurativo.


Ogni orologio viene analizzato per verificarne l’autenticità e la qualità, offrendo una garanzia di 2 anni sul suo corretto funzionamento.


Spediamo in tutto il mondo con servizio espresso e assicurato. Utilizziamo, per i nostri orologi più importanti, corrieri specializzati nel trasporto di beni preziosi.