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Watches are a distinctive feature for us, a synonym to style and elegance.
We choose each piece With great care, according to the prestige of materials and color combinations.
We are well aware of the importance of details, which through technology and design bestow personality to every model. We have selected unique pieces, ranging from luxurious collections to casual ones, so every single client can create his own exclusive style.
Our first goal has always been a scrupulous search to meet collectors and fans’ needs.

Partner information:

Clarissa Camusso

Has been working in the industry for over 10 years, and founded C.C. Watches in Monaco in 2014.
Before, she worked for a major brand in the watch and jewelry market.
Besides Camusso's know-how in watches, she is also an expert in jewelry products.
In 2015 she obtained a Diamond Classification Diploma at the IGI headquarters in Milan.

Markus Tschopp

Founder and proprietor of watches.de, has +30 years of experience in the global luxury watch market.
Mr Tschopp, with his in-depth knowledge of the watch scene, is very well connected world-wide, and enjoys an impeccable reputation among watch collectors.


We offer special service to fulfill your special requests.

Delivery all over the world in 24/48 hours by guaranteed courier.

We offer technical customer service and repair any damage.

Ski Moon Tourbillon Patek Philippe


A personalized style is the best way to be distinguished in special occasions as well as everyday life. A watch is a fashionable accessory which has to be chosen with special attention: that’s why the service is exclusively dedicated to referenced customers and the guaranteed ones. We purchase only guaranteed watches or the ones with a declaration of lawful origins issued by the client.


Technical assistance and advice for all prestigious brands are given, especially for rare and antique watches. Thanks to our longstanding experience in this sector we can provide you guarantees and certifications for every model.


C.C Watches carries out estimations and expertise on precious watches, using the experience in this sector and the collaboration with European experts.

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42 Boulevard d’Italie - 98000 Monte Carlo, Principato di Monaco
Tel. +33.6.40619251 - +33.6.43911082 - info@ccwatchesmc.com - www.ccwatchesmc.com

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C.C. Watches

42 Boulevard d’Italie - 98000 Monte Carlo, Principato di Monaco
Tel. ++33.6.40619251 - +33.6.43911082 - info@ccwatchesmc.com - www.ccwatchesmc.com